When its time to call for appliance repair


When You Know It’s Time To Call For Appliance Repair

Owning a home can be very exciting, but it comes with many responsibilities. Among that long list of responsibilities is the proper maintenance and repair of  your appliances. We never pay attention to the convenience of our appliances until they not longer function as they should. A broken refrigerator becomes a ticking time bomb of rotten food; a busted stove means no hot dinner for the night. When our appliances malfunction it could be a quick fix, but it could also be the tip of the iceberg of a serious underlying problem. Knowing when to call a professional isn’t always clear. You don’t want to make the call and waste your time and more importantly your money, when it was a quick simple fix. Follow these next tips to know when it is time to call in a professional.

You Find Unexplained Moisture

Finding any moisture around an appliance is always a bad sign and should be treated with urgency. Untreated moisture can cause electrical issues or even cause the growth of mold inside your home.

Your Washing Machine Is Wobbly

Unevenly distributed weight in a washing machine should never be ignored. Not only is it loud and annoying; it can cause damage not only to the machine itself but also to the floor it’s resting on. When an uneven weight problem goes uncorrected it can also cause many other problems to the machine.

Any Type Of “Burnt” Scent

Smelling anything close to fire around appliances is always an urgent red flag. Burnt smells could be from electrical issues which could lead to a house fire. As soon as you smell anything burning, unplug the appliance with caution and call your repair man immediately.

General Malfunctions

Maybe you noticed a knob is loose, or your dryer isn’t drying clothes as well as it used to. Any Malfunction you have in an appliance should be taken care of as soon as possible. Leaving malfunctions untreated can lead to more serious damage to the appliance, or in some cases damage your home.

Hearing Unusual Sounds

Any unusual electrical sounds you hear coming from your appliances should be inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Such noises can be indicators of electrical shortages which could ruin appliances or even start fires.

In conclusion, you should never be afraid to get your appliances checked out by a professional. Issues that may seem like no big deal could be the beginning of much larger, more serious issues. Appliances can cost hundreds sometimes even thousands of dollars. Keeping them maintaining and annually cleaned can help extend the life of your appliances and help you get the most out of the money you spent for them. American Appliance is locally owned and operated for over 3 decades. We’ve got the expertise, and the replacement parts!