Appliance Repairs To Save the Day


“As a Smart Consumer, Here’s What You Need to Know About Appliance Repairs”

We all depend on our appliances. We need them to preserve our food, prepare our food, clean our dishes and laundry, and keep us warm or cool, amongst many other functions. For many of us, we cannot function during a typical day without using our appliances. The unfortunate fact about these machines is they all age. It is only a matter of time before one or more of your appliances will fail or start malfunctioning. When this happens, you’re going to want to fix it immediately.

When an appliance begins to fail, the big question is if you should repair it, or do you need to replace the machine? American Appliance Service can help you make this decision. An appliance repair expert will understand the lifespan of your machines and the costs to repair over replacing.

These are some tips for you to know when it comes to scheduling an appliance repair.

What If It Is An Emergency?

Emergencies can happen when an appliance fails. A dishwasher can start sending significant amounts of water into your kitchen. These are emergencies, and they need attention immediately.

If it is not a dangerous situation, such as a water leak, you can notify emergency repair services. American Appliance offers a two-hour service window and will call you when our technician is on the way.

Non-Emergency Appliance RepairsĀ 

When should you call a repair service? If your dryer isn’t drying the way it used to, or if your freezer is no longer keeping your food frozen, you will want to contact an expert to determine the problem. Key warning signs to look for telling you it’s time to call American Appliance:

  • The appliance will not turn on if you see higher than average utility bills, and there is no apparent excess use on your part
  • If the appliance is not performing correctly, such as dishwasher leaving dirty dishes, clothes dryer taking extra cycles to dry items

Appliance Replacement VS. Repairs

If you’ve had your appliances for a long time, or they were part of a home you bought years ago, you may wonder if you should replace or repair one when it malfunctions. Repairs can extend the lifespan of your appliances, but not in every case. Appliances such as washing machines will cost you several hundred dollars to replace. If you do not first check with a reputable appliance repair service such as American Appliance, you could be spending money you don’t need to.

Appliance repairs can often be cheaper than replacing it. The repair is also going to extend the machine’s life. American Appliance can offer you top-quality repair services. We can service your washer, dryer, microwave, oven, stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, range, and cooktop. As an insured, licensed professional appliance repair service, we will provide you with fast, guaranteed, and affordable repair services to keep your home operating.