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Appliance Repairs

Appliance Repairs in St Petersburg, FL

appliance-repairsWhether your stove quits working in the middle of preparing for dinner, or your washer in the middle of a load of laundry- you need a repairman fast! We have come to expect that the convenience and efficiency of our appliances continue to work, so it is always a surprise when they don’t. We know that ignoring a malfunctioning appliance can later lead to more costly repairs. It might not always be within your budget to get it repaired immediately, especially if the appliance still works, albeit not as efficient as it used to. We understand that your appliance is a major expense and a necessity for every day life. Which is why we offer warranties; all reconditioned appliances come with a 12 month service warranty to include: 90 day 100% guarantee and a 9 month discounted service warranty.

American Appliance in St Petersburg offer affordable and fast appliance repairs. Our Appliance Repairs are offered at an unbeatable price! Our service charge is only $98. We’ve been providing this service in the St. Pete area since 1990. We work on appliances that range from small to major appliances. Due to the high volume of buying and selling of used appliances, we also have an amazing inventory of appliance parts. If you are in the market to do the appliance repair yourself, and just need a replacement part, give us a call- we can help you there too!

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