5 Steps to Keep Your Dryer Lint Free

5 Steps to keep your dryer lint build-up free


It’s not attractive or useful but it’s always there- LINT.  In order to keep your dryer running efficiently and safely you need to take care of lint.  Lint obviously collects in the lint trap but there are other less noticeable areas that need to be cleaned as well. If you follow these steps, your dryer will run well for a long time and be virtually maintenance free.


  1. After each cycle of drying, clean out the lint trap. Remove the trap and take out the lint by hand.  Simplify this by putting a wastebasket nearby.
  2. If you notice lint around or next to the trap in the dryer, then you should remove the trap and use a vacuum. A vacuum hose with a soft brush attachment will do the trick.
  3. Move the dryer away from the wall if possible and vacuum the floor underneath and behind it.
  4. While the dryer is moved out, check the lint vent by first using a screwdriver to loosen the metal ring clamp holding the vent in place. Then use a vent brush or vacuum to clean out the lint in the vent.
  5. Once you have cleared all the lint out on the inside, it’s time to check out the lint vent outside. Use a broom or vacuum to remove any visible lint.


It is very important to keep up with dryer lint removal.  If your dryer has lint build up it will not run effectively and your clothes will take longer to dry.  Clogged lint traps and vents could also lead to fires.  In order to keep your dryer running efficiently and safely, be sure to follow these simple steps to keep your traps and vents lint free.